Our farm was established in 1914 and now consists of approx 2500 acres of deeded & leased farm ground and approx.1000 acres of range. We are located 2 miles South of Lexington, Oregon in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon. We are only 45 minutes away from Interstate 84 and Hermiston, Oregon.  Munkers Farms is operated by Barry and Mary Ann Munkers. We maintain a top quality herd of quarter horses & a small herd of cows for beef & horse training. We grow hay & grain for crops.

GROWING UP ON THE FARM: Our horses live in fields with all types of terrain ranging from steep bluffs and creek beds to irrigated pasture. This teaches the babies how to handle their feet & also they are in a natural, healthy, happy environment. The whole herd will run off those bluffs at full speed & never miss a step. Sometimes I just have to close my Eyes!! This is such an advantage their futurity year as they can handle all types of arena footing! They truly love people. All you have to do is call them and the whole herd comes running to you! By running in herds, they also learn how to get along with other horses. All my horses have great dispositions.

Our horses all have a tremendous amount of speed, but also the desire to turn on their own. They can run fast and think at the same time…. excellent minds!!"  They are also born with excellent bone and hoof structure. "I like to see a lot of bone and good round black hooves w/lots of heel in my horses. Their injury or hoof disease risk drops to nearly nothing with these excellent conformation traits."

OUR GOAL: To produce the "ULTIMATE BARREL HORSE", combining PROVEN NFR & WORLD CHAMPION BLOODLINES  Blood lines that our farm is maintaining are Dash Ta Fame, Bully Bullion, Firewater Flit, Jet of Honor, Beda Cheng, Lady Bugs Moon, Flaming Jet, Joes Genuine Doc, Doc Bar, Dash for Cash, Jet Deck, Easy Jet.   "I believe that you have to have a top level mare as well as a top level stallion to get the best offspring. We have achieved this

TRAINING PROGRAM: At 6 months of age colts are halter broke, sacked out, taught to load and back out of a trailer and stand to trim their feet. As yearlings we periodically continue their ground training and handling,  We spend a lot of time training these colts before they ever see a barrel. I always tell people that you could take any of my barrel horses and enter an English class or Western Reining Class and place very well. A good training foundation is vital to a great barrel horse. You can put any part of my barrel horse's body anywhere you want at any speed...immediately. This is how well they are trained! Our training program includes lots of outside riding as well as arena work, all the while applying low mental pressure techniques. I produce quiet, relaxed, happy horses that love what they do and want to please! With our training program, my horses just continue to get better and better, rather than develop problems when you start applying speed. Our buyers continued satisfaction and success is very important to our program and to us.

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